Improper Crane Inspections Leads to 2 Citations in NYC Collapse

Improper Crane Inspections Leads to 2 Citations in NYC Collapse

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NEW YORK CITY - Both a crane operator and a project contractor have been cited in the crane collapse incident in New York early last month. Their culpability seems to lie in the fact that neither party followed safety protocol and failed to get proper crane inspections before operating the unsafe rig.

The crane collapse occurred January 9 in New York City while helping to build an office building in the Long Island borough. Reports indicate that at least seven workers were injured as a result of the collapse.

New Yorkers are not new to crane collapses stemming from inadequate crane inspections and neglect. For many, the recent collapse is reminiscent of the two fatal crane collapses in 2008. Both of those collapsed were related to fake inspections, falsified documents, and other cases of corruption and neglect. Some of the parties involved were charged with manslaughter, though all parties so charged were later acquitted.

The 2008 crane collapses fueled a movement for better safety regulations, more intense crane inspections, and an increase in crane inspectors and crane checkers. The latest collapse will no doubt reinvigorate the movement for stricter inspections and general safety regulations at job sites where cranes are used.