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Crane Inspection

Crane Inspections Forth Worth, Dallas, TexasUltimate Crane Services provides safety crane inspections of crane equipment in compliance with state and federal requirements. This includes Federal OSHA, state OSHA, MSHA, and ANSI regulations.
Our company's crane inspections procedures can include a comprehensive visual and operational evaluation of the crane's components, as well as load testing and nondestructive examination of critical weldments, pins, load block and hooks with the use of magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing procedures.
With over 30 years of experience, Ultimate Crane Services has found that, while most deficiencies can be identified through our thorough visual and operational examination, the additional nondestructive tests provide additional measures of safety by pinpointing fatigue indications in potential areas of equipment failure.
Upon completion of the inspection, our technicians provide a report detailing the condition of the equipment and any deficiencies found. After repairs have been made, Ultimate Crane Services will provide a certificate of crane inspection.


The benefits of regular crane inspection...

  • Safety
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Equipment Reliability
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance Costs
  • Electronic Reports and Reminders
  • Extension of Equipment Operating Life

Visual and Operational Inspections

A complete and comprehensive visual and operational inspection will be made of the entire unit to ensure the unit’s structural integrity and compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Electronic Report and Expiration Reminders

Email reports upon completion of inspection, as well as equipment expiration reminders.

Qualified Field Technicians

All inspections will be performed by a competent inspector employed by Ultimate Crane Services. experienced in the field of Mobile Crane Inspection.